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Tire connects your vehicle to the road, and your vehicle’s tires are one of the most imperative parts for fuel efficiency and safety of the vehicle when it comes to travel on wheels. It is essential for a vehicle owner to change their vehicle’s tires at least once or further times all the way through a vehicle’s era because even the best tires don’t at a certain time gets tainted. But if the tires are maintained properly they can last forever.

Tires Are Crucial For Safety And Comfort 

Here at J & W Automotive, Inc. we offer you the best tire services that helps assure the life of your tires. We work with widely held tire brands! We believe that excellent caliber tires assists in and regulates the performance of the vehicle. The correct fitting tires also help with fuel efficiency.


Monitor Your Tires On A Regular Basis

Monitoring your tire pressure, balancing, tread, and alignment of the vehicle’s tire is essential. If you do not monitor these aspects, it can cause less control, poor handling, and can wear out on your car's tires quickly.This will significantly reduce the life of your tires as well.

Tire service in West Chester PA
Tire service in West Chester PA

Types Of Tire Maintenance 

Tire Maintenance, such as, tire rotation of your vehicle, wheel alignment, and the replacement of the tires are important factors for your car's life. We will provide you with our best recommendations. Our Recommendations are according to your vehicle’s make and model. Feel free to visit us today for Tire Service in West Chester PA.

Tire Rotation

We will evaluate your vehicle’s tire after every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. It is an essential part of the maintenance of your vehicle. In this process it avoids uneven tire wear. Tire rotation can help your vehicle’s fuel efficiency to an high level and maintain the higher performance of your vehicle. Regular tire rotation can be a vital part of saving you money.

Wheel Alignment

To prolong the life of the vehicle’s tire, proper wheel alignment is necessary. You may experience handling issues and can be a reason your tire to wear haphazardly if your vehicle is misaligned. We provide you the best alignment service your vehicle deserves so that it can perform well.

Tire Replacement

You should replace your tire if it doesn’t meet the standard of 2/32”. The legal safety standard of a tire is at least 2/32”. To understand if the tire achieves the legal safety level, you should visit the professional's service experts at J & W Automotive, Inc. Our skilled workers inspect the whole tire and let you know if it meets the standard. If the tires found to have less tread and is starting to wear down, will will inform you of the next step. Hopefully the tire passes the inspection and you will not have to replace your tires.. Call or visit us today to make an appointment at 610-436-8850.