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Why Choose J & W Automotive, Inc. for Wheel Alignment West Chester PA?

Regular wheel alignment check-ups are essential to your maintenance routine. Without it, your ability to drive safely may be compromised if your car alignment is off. Is your car pulling to the left or to the right while driving straight? Do you get a vibration in your steering? Have you noticed uneven tread wear on your tires? This could mean your wheels need an alignment. It is important to include wheel alignments in your regular maintenance routine to ensure the longevity of your vehicle. As a result, you could incur fewer repair costs over time

Wheel Alignment West Chester PA
Wheel Alignment West Chester PA

Hitting curbs, driving on bumpy roads, or over potholes can affect your wheel alignment. For example, you may feel a pull in your steering after rolling over a large pothole causing a shift in your alignment. In particular, it could cause vibration or decreased steering capabilities. When your wheels are properly aligned, your car handles better, so regular alignment service is important to the overall health of your car.  

In addition to hindering drivability, misalignment will damage your tires, causing more frequent replacement, for instance.  J & W Automotive will help maintain your vehicle with our state of the art wheel alignment machine. Our trusted, skilled technicians will troubleshoot all your alignment concerns. We provide wheel alignment services for late-model vehicles, as well as current models. Schedule An Appointment today to learn more.

Reliable wheel alignment service near you by honest professionals is only a call 610-436-8850 or click away. Restore your smooth ride and peace of mind - service your vehicle with us today!

What is a Wheel Alignment?

Alignment refers to the adjustment of a vehicle's suspension – the system that connects a vehicle to its wheels. It is not an adjustment of the tires or wheels themselves.  Proper alignment is adjusting the angles of the tires. This affects how they make contact with the road, therefore affecting drivability. Your vehicle relies on precision in order to operate safely and comfortably. Tires and wheels on any vehicle can easily become misaligned due to road conditions, driving habits, unavoidable potholes, or minor accidents. Often, the front wheels are more susceptible to losing proper alignment, but rear wheels can also experience issues with displacement and proper alignment in many cars on the road.

The process of alignment varies depending on the vehicle. Passenger cars with a modern four-wheel suspension require a different alignment process than a car with a wishbone suspension. Trucks used to haul heavy loads require a different process as well. This is why tire alignment service should be performed by trusted, experienced service technicians. 

J & W Automotive employs dedicated, certified auto mechanics to service every vehicle. Our technicians possess the expertise and equipment necessary to properly align tires to the exact specifications for specific vehicle makes and models.

Why Choose J & W for a Wheel Alignment

Our staff is committed to ensuring that every vehicle we service or repair meets the highest of standards. Customer satisfaction and quality work are our top priorities. We go the extra mile to make sure your experience with us is convenient and pleasant. Trust in our dedicated technicians and automotive experience to get you on the road again safely and quickly.

We carefully diagnose your alignment concerns. If our technicians determine an alignment is necessary to restore the safety and performance of your vehicle, we will make the front and rear end mechanical alignment adjustments. Then we will verify the new alignment readings meet your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Lastly, we will road test your vehicle before and after your alignment service to confirm a smooth ride.

Why Do I Need a Four-Wheel Alignment?

Proper alignment is essential to vehicle maintenance. For example, it keeps your car driving smooth and the wear and tear on your vehicle to a minimum. Your tires will last longer, you will optimize your fuel efficiency, and you will have the best driving experience. 

Even the smallest alignment issue can cause uneven tire wear and accelerated wear and tear on suspension components. Our expert technicians will align your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, as well as ensure the tires are safe. A thorough inspection of the steering and suspension completes the service. Above all, keeping safety in mind.

J & W Automotive is your full-service auto care provider proudly serving West Chester and surrounding areas for all your auto alignment needs.

How Often Does my Car Need an Alignment? 

J & W technicians care about your safety and your vehicle. We recommend when you replace your tires, you elect to have an alignment performed because it protects that investment. Our expert car technicians may only need to make slight adjustments to bring your car into spec and protect your tires from uneven wear. However, driving habits and annual mileage are also important factors in how often you should have an alignment. 

You can visit your local trusted car mechanics for a four-wheel alignment if you suspect your vehicle exhibits shaking at any speed. If your car isn't handling as it used to, bring your car to us. Our certified technicians will perform a thorough inspection to verify if the cause is an alignment that is out of specifications for your make and model.

If your car is difficult to steer, has unusual vibration, or your tires have uneven wear - put your safety first, and have things checked out by a professional. Call or bring your car to us for a consultation. Then, tell your technician the conditions in which the car starts pulling, and if the pull is constant or intermittent. Explain any vibrations or other concerns you’re experiencing. Our honest, reliable car technicians will perform an alignment, brake service, or suspension service if needed. We’ll help you return to smooth driving in no time. Call 610-436-8850  to schedule an appointment with the best auto mechanics in West Chester PA.

Benefits of Getting an Alignment

An effective alignment uses sensors that are measured by a computer. Then, we compare the measurements with the specifications recommended for your specific make and model. The tire and rim assemblies are thoroughly inspected to make sure all of the weight is evenly distributed across the tire. In addition to inspecting the wheels, we check the suspension system since it holds everything in place. Using this information, the angles of the wheels are calculated. Next, our certified technicians use specialized tools to finely tune your alignment providing long-lasting benefits.

  • Enhance the performance of your tires.
  • Extend the life of your tires.
  • Ensure the safe operation of your vehicle.
  • Increased fuel efficiency.
  • Smooth and comfortable driving.

What Does a Wheel Alignment Cost?

Wheel alignment is a very important preventative maintenance procedure to regularly have completed. This will ensure the safety of your vehicle’s operation.  Because pricing can vary by vehicle and current promotions, call today to get our best available pricing. At J & W, we recommend that you call 610-436-8850 or  Schedule An Appointment for pricing the alignment needed for your vehicle.

We Are here to answer any questions you have regarding the proper alignment of your car and all your automotive maintenance needs. Above all, we strive for excellent customer service for all our customers in Chester and beyond. Call  610-436-8850 to speak with Chester Counties' trusted professional auto service provider today. We pride ourselves on superior customer service to serve the automotive needs of  West Chester PA and the surrounding areas.

To sum up, J & W Automotive goes the extra mile to give you more miles in your vehicle.  We are here to serve all your auto repair and maintenance needs in West Chester and the surrounding areas. 

Call today to make an appointment at 610-436-8850.

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