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Why Choose J & W Automotive, Inc. for Transmission Service West Chester PA?

For more than 35 years, J&W Automotive is one of the most trusted experts in the diagnosis, service, and maintenance of transmissions for all makes and models. Our expert technicians will test, diagnose, then repair a variety of transmission service problems. 

  • Transmission Repair
  • Rebuilt Transmissions
  • Regular Transmission Service
  • Transmission Tune-Ups
  • Driveline Service
  • Drivetrain Repair
  • Differentials
  • Transfer Cases
  • Standard Transmission Coolers & Lines
  • Manual Transmission Clutches
  • 4x4 Service and Transmission Service

West Chester's Trusted Transmission Service Shop

Transmission West Chester Pa
Top Transmission West Chester PA

Before we begin any repair, our certified transmission experts perform an extensive multi-point inspection on your transmission. Next, our technicians complete our transmission diagnostic services. Often, we find it's only a minor repair for many cars we service. Sometimes, the problem is complex, but it could be as simple as a high-mileage transmission service to correct the problem. Finally, we explain our findings in easy to understand terms before completing your services. 

Caring experts at J&W Automotive will inform you of our recommended transmission repair services to ensure the longevity of your vehicle. Further, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing your transmission service is performed by an experienced automotive professional nearby.

If your transmission does require extensive repair, {company-name} technicians will rebuild your transmission right. We take pride in our work and value customer satisfaction. For more information on our transmission services, call  610-436-8850 today.

The J&W Automotive Transmission Service West Chester Advantage?

At J&W Automotive, we know transmissions. So, when you need transmission service, no one does it better than your local certified technicians.

If our initial diagnosis calls for service, you can be sure it'll be done right by our dedicated auto mechanics. For instance,  your drivability problems could be solved with a fluid change or a transmission flush. From regular maintenance to transmission replacement or rebuild, we service all transmission problems. We take pride in our work, and strive to exceed your expectations.

Transmission Flush West Chester PA

Transmission flush service is a comprehensive transmission maintenance service available at J&W Automotive This service is designed to replace all of the old, degraded transmission fluid with fresh fluid. Therefore, the life of your transmission is extended.

Additionally, our expert technicians check, then exchange the old fluid from your transmission system using state of the art equipment. Thus, more than a simple fluid drain from the transmission pan. By removing the sludge and replacing the transmission oil, you improve your car’s performance and lifespan.

Transmission Maintenance

J&W Automotive will service your transmission according to your car manufacturer’s guidelines. This is important to keep your car running smoothly. Because we service every make and model, we are one-stop-shopping for all your automotive needs. Schedule regular maintenance at J&W Automotive will extend the life of your car.

Our transmission maintenance services can help provide smoother shifting, improved performance, reduced part failures, and increased vehicle longevity. With this in mind, we offer a complete transmission maintenance schedule. Call today 610-436-8850 to schedule a transmission check-up in Chester County, PA. 

Reseal Service

Your car’s automatic transmission may not retain fluid but has no other drivability problems. Sometimes, you may only need to have transmission reseal service.  In particular, expert technicians replace all external seals and any worn components to correct the fluid retention problem. In turn, restoring reliability and drivability. 

Then, the fluid is replaced with fresh, clean transmission fluid and any external adjustments are made as needed. Next, your vehicle is road-tested to ensure the transmission functions properly. Finally, your car, truck, or SUV is ready to take on the road.

Transmission Service Rebuild West Chester PA

If a potential problem in your car’s transmission is found early, often repairs or adjustments won’t require a full transmission rebuild. Call J&W Automotive at 610-436-8850 to schedule an assessment of your vehicle transmission problems. From there, we can determine if a transmission rebuild is necessary. 

Repair or Rebuild the Transmission?

If worn, but easily accessible transmission parts require replacing. If the problem is electrical, it may be possible to repair the transmission without removing it from the vehicle. Therefore, that will save you time and money. With that in mind, we advise you of the big picture right from the start, so you can make an informed decision on moving forward with a transmission repair versus rebuild. 

If a few parts of your transmission are damaged, it’s quite possible that other parts will require replacement too. A transmission rebuild could be the most economical choice. Chester County motorists have trusted J & W Automotive for all their vehicle transmission needs for over 35 years. 

Is rebuilding a transmission worth it?

Many factors can affect your decision to rebuild a vehicle transmission. Certified technicians at {company-name} will thoroughly explain the pros and cons of a transmission rebuild based on your vehicle's assessment. Then, you can make the right choice for your needs. Our years of experience with all makes and models make us Chester County’s five-star choice for a transmission rebuild near you. 

Clutch Service

Do you have problems with a manual transmission? Our team will perform a thorough transmission inspection to determine if the problem with your clutch can be corrected by external adjustments. Similarly, we examine clutch related components to assess a need for repair or replacement. 

Manual Transmission Diagnostics include:

  • Inspect the clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel, and related components
  • Replace any required parts to meet high-quality standards
  • Refill with clean fluid
  • Perform a lift check to ensure proper clutch installation and adjustment

Lastly, we road-test your car to ensure the proper clutch operation and drivability.  Call 610-436-8850 to schedule clutch maintenance for your car, truck, or SUV with a local mechanic at {company-name}. From here, your vehicle clutch is ready to go for miles to come.

4X4 (Four-Wheel Drive) Transmission Services

Equally important, our experienced local truck mechanics know four-wheel-drive vehicles demand rugged performance from their transmissions, especially when you drive off-road or use your truck for towing. With proper maintenance from {company-name}, you’ll keep your 4x4 on the road (or off the road if you prefer) while exploring beautiful Chester County.

Our 4x4 transmission services include:

  • Transfer Case drained and refilled with clean fluid
  • Drain the Front and Rear Differentials and refill with fresh fluid
  • For 4X4's with an automatic transmission, perform a transmission flush
  • Manual transmission 4X4's, drain and refill the transmission with new fluid
  • Thoroughly inspect for any potential future problems

A four-wheel-drive vehicle gives more traction, performance, and durability. However, additional maintenance is required to keep your four-wheel-drive vehicle or SUV operating properly. A malfunctioning 4x4 system means all four wheels won't spin correctly. Additionally, you can cause further damage by spinning two tires in a low traction situation. We can repair your 4WD system quickly and efficiently.  Then, you will have better traction and durability, improving the control, stability, and performance of your vehicle. 

All-Wheel Drive Transmission Services

However, AWD vehicles operate a little differently than 4WD systems. All-wheel-drive vehicles are designed to engage in four-wheel drive all the time but still turn corners smoothly with enhanced drivability. Also, they are similar enough to 4x4’s in power flow that they share some of the same service needs. For this reason, our knowledgeable, experienced automotive specialists will answer any questions while we guide you through the best way to handle transmission repairs.

Above all, when you need transmission work for your 4x4 or AWD vehicle, choose experienced auto mechanics with a solid reputation near you. Call us at   610-436-8850 to schedule an all-wheel-drive transmission service today.  

Top-Rated Early or Late Model Transmission Service in Chester County, PA

Currently, all-wheel-drive cars are popular choices.  As a result, more are produced each year. So, we fill the need for honest all-wheel-drive transmission repair or transfer case repair near you. We are only a click away!  Schedule An Appointment Here. Our years of experience and passion for automotive evolution make us the number one choice for transmission services for any year, make, and model. 

Above all, we are not your average transmission repair shop. We specialize in getting your front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive, AWD, or 4WD vehicle back in working order. Then, you’re able to get back to the activities you enjoy.  From late-model classics to current models, we service all drivetrains. What is more, we treat each vehicle as if it were our own.

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